Wealth, Health and International Trade

Last year, Matrix Insights published a report by Dr. Kanavos (LSE Health), Professor David Taylor (The School of Pharmacy, University of London) and others on the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement and it's potential impact on enhancing trade and continuing health and development.

The report concluded that "Providing the pharmaceutical industry the IP protection it requires to invest in improved health outcomes must sit alongside sustainable programs to address sub-standard medicines, assured means to exceptional health challenges, and a structured approach to availability of low-cost mature off-patent treatments. The TPP provides an excellent opportunity to lead in the establishment of the next generation of FTAs, which seek to meet each of these goals and, in doing so, fully aligning global free trade with global responsibility."

In the lead-up to the 16th round of negotiations, I thought these issues were worth being raised again.

Wealth Health and International Trade in the 21st Century